How much Lola Berry's 'day on a plate' will really set you back at the supermarket.

After Lola Berry’s Day On A Plate – which included a kale omelette, hot turmeric latte, crispy salmon cooked in coconut oil, and a “black detox smoothie” – caused a stir with its superfood-packed meals, there was just one question on everyone’s lips.

How much does it really cost to eat like a health blogger?

Quite hefty, it turns out. And good luck finding some of the ingredients in your local Coles or Woolies. (Raw activated almonds, we’re looking at you.)

We crunched the celery numbers and buying the ingredients required for her meals and snacks as detailed in her Day On A Plate would set you back about $169.88.

Yep, not far off $200.

As the nutritionist Dr Joanne McMillan pointed out, the costly items are basically anything with the word ‘raw’ or ‘activated’ in front of it.

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Raw activated almonds will set you back $8.10 for a packet from a health store, activated charcoal around $13.50 for a jar, and maca powder (whatever that is) a significant $19.95 a sachet.

Other more common ingredients like tuna, spinach, zuchinni, carrots and sweet potato are much more affordable.

Obviously it goes without saying that this shopping cart would cater for many more meals than just one day’s worth, particularly if Berry is eating the same thing multiple times a week. With no indication of quantities, the prices included are for larger amounts that you’d have to buy in (e.g a jar of activated charcoal whereas the salmon is for a single portion).

One things for sure – superfoods aren’t so super for your bank account.

Here’s the shopping list – from Woolworths and a range of speciality stores:

Raw activated almonds – $8.10
raw chocolate – $2.49 (40g bar)
activated charcoal – $13.50
avocado – $3.50 (1)
pineapple $3.50 (1)
ginger $3.60 (1)
coconut water $5 – 1L
maple syrup – $3.20
maca powder – $19.95
chilli olive oil – $5.50 –
tinned tuna – $2
baby spinach $5 -280g
lemon juice- 64c one lemon
carrot – $5.50 (organic 750g)
zucchini $1.19 (1)
almond milk $2.50 (1L)
turmeric $1.50
dates $10 – 450g
cacoa powder – $9.99 250g
coconut oil – $10, 750ml
walnuts – $3, 100g
cinnamon $2
salmon – $8.97 (3oog)
sweet potato – $3 – 500g
paprika – $2
rocket – $2, 60g bag
kale – $2
beans – 0.80c
brussell sprouts – $2.45
balsamic dressing – $2

How much do you spend on groceries a week? Tell us below…

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