15 things that'll happen before the gender pay gap closes.

70 years. In 70 years, the gender pay gap will close.


A study by the United Nations has shown that, if current (incredibly slow) trends continue, it will take seven decades for the gap between men and women’s pay to close.

According to the UN’s International Labour Organisation:

More than half a century after the United States passed the Equal Pay Act, and 45 years after similar legislation in the UK, women across the world earn 77% of the amount paid to men, a figure that has improved by only three percentage points in the past 20 years.

Happy International Women’s Day to us!

Horrifically, these are all the things that will happen before we earn the same as our male counterparts:

  1. Human head transplants will be normal. (We will take Charlize Therons’, please.)
  2. Hoverboards will transport us to work. (We are getting closer every day. Come on, science)
  3. AIDS will have a vaccine. (Scientists predict this will happen in 20 years).
  4. Human clones will be happening. (Scientists predict 50 years until you can create your own twin.)
  5. Babies born this year could be grandmothers, and even great-grandmothers.
  6. North West will be 71. Kim Kardashian will be 114. (Will probably look the same).
  7. There will be a cure for common colds.
  8. A summer of ’69 will have passed.
  9. We will have colonised Mars, and probably other planets.
  10. Controlling the weather will be the touch of a button.
  11. Some new animals will have been domesticated. Perhaps koalas.
  12. The song Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars will be as old as White Christmas by Bing Crosby is right now.
  13. The movie Inception will be as old as the movie Gone With The Wind is now.
  14. Ironing and milk cartons will be rare.
  15. Prince George will probably be King.

So, what can we do to speed things up a little?

According to the ILO’s general director Guy Ryder, “We need to be innovative, to reframe the debate and to intensify the focus on ensuring the rights of women at work, and promoting gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.”


What else can you think of that will happen before we have closed the pay gap? 

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