How do you get your teenage son banned from a nightclub?

Would your teenagers rather hit the bar for beers than study for their HSC/VCE exams? Take a leaf out of this mum’s book, if you’re game.

The Melbourne mother tried to get her son banned from his favourite nightclub after noticing he was spending all his money there. Her plan? Message the club’s Facebook page.

The Empire nightclub Facebook page shared the messages captioned, "When your Mum want's you banned but you're addicted to getting lit. #yeahtheboys"

"My son has been attending your nightclub on a weekly basis," the concerned mum began.

"His father and I are worried that not only is he not saving a cent, but he is beginning to fall behind on his school work."

"I'd like to request you to impose a 'ban' on my son until the end of exams," she asked.

This week on the This Glorious Mess podcast, Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo discussed whether her approach was a parenting win or a terrible idea.

When the boozing son found out what his mum had done, he promptly messaged the page, asking them not to ban him and calling his mum a b***h who is "immune to having fun."

"See you Saturday," he told the club.

"There's SO much wrong with this," said Andrew.

I think we can all agree anyone who calls their mum a b***h is not a good person.

"We feel for you," Holly said to the mum.

But even though we can empathise, was it really the best method? Absolutely not.

"She might be better not putting it on Facebook," said Andrew, "Talk! Don't write."

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