We ask mums the real questions when it comes to getting your baby to sleep.

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I’m 26 years old and don’t have any children.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with babies. What with their square feet that are not at all conducive to walking, absurd rolls of arm fat and round tummies. I like how they try and put their fingers in your eyes for no reason, and then giggle when you say ‘no’.

Sometimes, I look at a baby and just want to yell ‘HOW CAN ONE THING BE THIS CUTE? WHY? LET ME SNIFF YOU.’

But here’s the thing.

When it comes to actually owning a real life baby, I would have less than zero idea of what I’m doing.

Jackie, Carla and Holly answer my stupid questions.

I get that you have to feed them and make sure they go to sleep etc. but what if you... forget? Or you get... distracted? Or The Bachelor's on and you just want to watch it in peace?

I had a number of concerns, so decided to share them with my mum friends to see if I could get a little bit of clarity. Here's what I asked them:

  1. What if I'm too tired to get up when they're crying?
  2. Can you just yell at your baby until they go to sleep?
  3. Do you ever get your baby to sleep, and then go and wake them up because they're being cute and you want to play?
  4. What happens if you forget the time, and all of a sudden it's 1am, and you forgot to put them to bed?
  5. What does it actually feel like to be sleep deprived?
  6. Are you ever scared that you're going to go to bed, and then not wake up for 12 hours and forget that you even have a baby?
  7. What does a nappy look like after they've had a big sleep? Use as many descriptive words as possible, please.
  8. Is it really that hard?

Somehow, I've lived to tell the tale.

You can watch the video above to see how they, um, responded, and what invaluable tips they had for new mums.

And if you personally have any of the answers to the above questions, please do what's right and tell me them in the comments below.

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