THIS was the most searched beauty question of 2014?

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Google has released its top 10 lists of the most searched terms in 2014, and along with demystifying what normcore and Paleo are, it seems we had many burning beauty questions to ask.

Here are the top 10 biggest beauty concerns the world had this year, with handy answers from The Glow team.

1. “How do I get rid of acne?”

Whatever you do, do not pick your pimples/acne while on holiday because it could end VERY badly. Like it did for staff writer Amy Cooper. Step right this way for the best ways to deal with acne when your skin should’ve grown up by now. 

2. “How do I get rid of stretch marks?”

If you found the answer, then let me know. The school of thought on this one is that ‘tiger stripes’ are irreversible – MOST women have them, so you’re not alone. Some people (that being beauty guru Zoe Foster) swears by Lucas Paw Paw, Egyptian Magic and her Go-To Skincare Exceptionoil. Read more on that here.

3. “How often should I wash my hair?”

Um, whenever it’s greasy? Celebrity hairdresser Barney Martin says it’s best to wash it every second day regardless of length. He goes into more detail on why that is here: How often should you wash your hair? (It’s not what you expect).

4. “What is BB cream?”

BB cream is half tinted moisturiser, half hocus pocus. Seriously though, BB cream is just a fancy name for tinted moisturiser that do the job of up to seven other products: sunscreen, primer, concealer, moisturiser, illuminator, foundation and powder. Still bamboozled? Want to know if you should be using one? Here’s our handy guide: BB, CC, DD, EE – what ‘alphabet creams’ do what.

5. “How to clean my makeup brushes?”

The question here probably shouldn’t be How do you clean makeup brushes, but how often should you clean makeup brushes. The answer being a lot more often than you probably are. Check out this post to see the best way and best cleaners to use: How to clean your makeup brushes.


6. “How can I get rid of bags under my eyes?”


Makeup artist (and The Glow’s site coordinator) Emily Veness put together this awesome guide for all your under-eye issues – from puffiness to blue circles and sporadic shadows: The everywoman’s guide to covering under-eye bags and dark circles.

7. “How can I minimize my pores?”

Sorry but no dice, friends. You can’t actually minimise your pores, but you CAN avoid making them look larger. Check out our how-to here: How to stop your pores from getting bigger.

8. “How do I shape my eyebrows?”

Considering 2014 was the year of the power brow, we’re surprised this one didn’t rate higher. Step this way to find out what not to do: The biggest eyebrow mistakes women make .

9. “What are freckles?”

Seriously? Ok, well they’re clusters of melanin, which are most often visible on people with pale skin.

Hate the ones on your face? Read this personal piece by staff writer Sarah Norton on ‘Why keeping the freckles on my face was the best choice I ever made’.

10. “How do I apply foundation?”

Whether you’re a fingers or beauty blender girl, the biggest key to getting your foundation right is selecting the right shade in the first place. Read how you can do that here. And once you’ve got that sorted these should also help:

The 7 most common foundation fails.

THE FIND: A $7.99 magic unicorn egg that will make your foundation look perfect

How to make your foundation stay on longer and look better

Got a different burning beauty question? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll answer it for you.