Shocking reality show scene captures contestants have sex as others watch on.

The latest scandal in UK reality television is another on-screen sex scene, but it doesn’t involve Marco Pierre White Jr.

Instead, horrified viewers watched on as housemates Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh on the UK’s dating reality show Love Island had sex under a blanket on Wednesday night.

They weren’t the only ones watching.

Three other housemates stood just metres from the bed as the “action” unfolded.

Source: Screenshot/ITV2.

The episode was aired on the cable entertainment channel iTV2.

Fellow Love Islanders Adam Maxted, Cara De La Hoyle and Nathan Massey stood only metres away as the couple appeared to have sex under a thick blanket.

Housemate Alex Bowen took a punt at what sexual position the two had formed.

"Missionary... easy," he said.

Sophie Gradon decided to chip in with a commentary on their movement.

"Yes, that's good... that's good rhythm," she said.

The voyeurs even applauded when Andersson and Walsh finished.

But people at home were not as impressed as those on 'Love Island'.

Andersson was later evicted from the show to the dismay of Walsh and the delight of viewers.

Her on-screen lover then pledged to quit the show in solidarity, although whether Walsh will actually leave remains to be seen.

Previews of future episodes imply his promise may have been more of a nice thought than a reality.

Love Island is in its second season after it was initially launched as a celebrity dating show in 2005.