"It looks like a junk shop": House Rules contestant "disappointed" with renovation.


It’s the classic tactic by reality shows – include a contestant’s shocked reaction in a promo and let the audience guess they hate whatever has just been revealed.

They never do, of course. Every time it turns out to be a look of surprise and delight – that’s something most viewers can reliably predict.

Well, up until Tuesday night, that is.

When House Rules contestant Fiona Taylor saw the home her fellow contestants had built for her it was not a look of delight on her face, but disappointment.

Her former house, which was demolished had no running water or electricity and was “uninhabitable”.

However, the 44-year-old found plenty of things to complain about within the new house, which was built in just seven days.

As she walked through her new home, in the Grampians, Victoria, she pointed out problems in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, indoor and outdoor dining areas and her son’s bedroom.

When seeing a sculpture attached to the roof make of a bike and car parts she commented, “It actually looks like a junk shop.”

Adding to her critique of the home in an interview with News Corp, she said “there wasn’t enough red” in the new house.


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“I really like red. And the only bit of red there was in there was a soap in the bathroom which is going to be used anyway,” she told News Corp.

“I was disappointed. It didn’t fit my personality. They didn’t follow the House Rules. This is about following the House Rules and they didn’t.”

Unsurprisingly, the other teams were taken aback by Fiona’s response, describing her reaction as “harsh” and “soulless”.

One of the show’s mentors tweeted that she was “bewildered” by the reaction after watching it on TV.

And she wasn’t the only viewer who took to Twitter to share their shock, with fans lashing out at the contestant.

Despite telling News Corp that she counts herself as “luckiest woman in the world” and can now see the positives in the home, she had no regrets about the low scores she and her friend gave.

“They didn’t follow the House Rules. And that’s what we scored on. We stand by those scores.”

House Rules airs Sunday, 7pm, and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.