Fiona and Nicole's room was absolutely savaged by the House Rules judges.

“I think the judges will be absolutely blown away.”

Ever so cruelly, those words sealed the fate of Fiona and Nicole’s renovated loungeroom on Sunday night’s episode of House Rules.

The divisive duo were tasked with doing up the loungeroom and laundry of Adelaide couple Harry and Kate’s house in a “boho” style.

The calm before the storm. (Image: Channel 7)

Going in to the judging session, the Victorian women seemed fairly confident in their interpretation of the theme.

"We've got a goal in focus, and that is to win," Fiona declared, adding that she believed the judges would be blown away.

WELL. To put it mildly, the judges did not share this view, and delivered some of the most brutal assessments we've ever witnessed on reality TV.


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After praising the "beautiful balance" of their picture hanging, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen went to town.

"Why is everything else so rubbish?" he began.

“There is stuff of such satanic hideousness.”


(Is that not the most eloquent insult ever? Using it to describe everything from now on.)

Drew Heath chimed in with, "Look at all the clutter on that couch, it looks like someone's left their washing on there... it's got stuff everywhere."

He also questioned the point of the TV on the wall separating the lounge from the dining room.


Wendy Moore placed the cherry on top of the savage sundae by adding, "To go completely against the home-owner's wishes ... for me, it feels a bit arrogant."

The verdict, as delivered ever-so-coolly by host Johanna Griggs, was that Fiona and Nicole's room was a little more "hobo" than "boho".

OOF. Apply ice to the burned area immediately.

This did not go according to plan. (Image: Channel 7)

To their credit, Nicole and Fiona didn't locate the nearest doona and bury themselves under it. Instead, they seemed relatively unphased.

"It's too easy to be ordinary. We're risk takers," they told the camera.

What did you think of the lounge room? Were the judges too harsh?