"They destroyed my house": House Rules contestant shocked by show's decision.

When Victorian single mum Fiona Taylor signed up for House Rules, she had no idea that demolishing her family home was a possible outcome of the show.

But on the first episode of the series, Taylor was told on camera that her property was going to be destroyed. Moments later, a giant wrecking ball demolished the house.

The contestant, who has two sons, said, “I found out they could [demolish the property] on camera. That was real”.

house rules prize
Fiona and Nicole. Image via Channel 7.

"They can do anything the want," she said. Taylor, 44, admitted she "shed a tear for all the memories we shared there".

Now in its sixth series, this is the first time a property has been demolished on House Rules. But according to a Channel Seven spokesperson who provided a statement to The Daily Telegraph about contestants' contracts, the teams hand over their keys, and in doing so, hand over all control over their house.

Taylor signed up for the renovation show with her best friend Nicole Prince. For six weeks, the teams will travel the country, and trust their opposition to transform every room in their house. Each team transforms one designated area, according to five 'house rules' set out by the owners of that house.

Renovations are scored by three judges, as well as the owners of the house themselves.

Ultimately, those with the highest scores win a $200,000 cash prize.

Despite Taylor's shock at seeing her property destroyed, she says she has "no regrets" about appearing on the show.

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