Which room is more important: the bathroom or the laundry?

If you had to choose between a spacious bathroom or a spacious laundry, which would you pick?

That’s the question dominating loungeroom conversations across Australia tonight, thanks to the stars of House Rules.

Tonight’s episode saw Troy and Bec, responsible for renovating one bedroom and the family bathroom, at loggerheads with Fiona and Nicole, who were sprucing up the lounge room and laundry.

The ~drama~ started when Troy and Bec began marking out their family bathroom, encroaching on the space Fiona and Nicole had earmarked for their laundry by 50 centimetres.

The ladies weren’t impressed.

How wide were you guys planning on having your bathroom? We can’t get a door in… we need two metres,” Fiona began.

Troy wasn’t backing down, asking, “Look at that laundry space there. What’s more important? A laundry or a family bathroom?”

“We need that space to fit in the vanity, the bath, the shower, the toilet,” Nicole shot back.

The two teams then argued over exactly how much space they needed for their respective appliances.

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We’re needing to get the absolute maximum space that we can to create a wow-factor in the laundry. Your idea and your space that you want is not a functioning laundry,” Fiona argued.

Things got a bit heated, suffice to say. But by this point, the heart of the issue had already leapt off the screen and onto social media, where viewers set about debating whether a laundry demands more space than a bathroom.

And there was a clear consensus:

Australia, we have our answer: the bathrooms have it.