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Hottest accents: Aussies came fourth. FOURTH. We were robbed.

Are you a sucker for a sexy accent? You’re not alone.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Hugh Grant. Orlando Bloom. Robert Pattinson. Mr Darcy. Harry Styles. Clive Owen. Tom Hardy. James freaking Bond.

There’s a reason why we find these hotties so, you know, hot. They are the (completely smokin’) owners of sexy, sexy English accents.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

You definitely swooned, didn’t you?

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Well, you’re only human – English accents have officially been named as the sexiest accent on earth.

The very important and official poll of 11,000 people was part of Time Out’s Global Dating Survey.

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The second-sexiest crown went to the Americans, and third place went to the Irish.

Here are some of our favourite celebs with sexy accents. (Post continues after gallery).

And here’s the proof that the poll was totally and completely rigged: we Aussies only placed fourth. That’s right. The land that produced the Hemsworth stud muffins placed a lousy FOURTH:

Clearly, we were robbed.

Because who can resist these guys:

But let’s spare a thought for the mighty and attractive nation of France, which came fifth.

We call bullshit. Aussies forever.

But then again…

Which accents do you find the most attractive?