The note you do NOT want to find in your sheets when you're at a hotel.

A hotel guest in Florida has made a shocking discovery between their sheets, prompting hundreds to share their hotel nightmares stories.

After checking into a hotel for the night, a Reddit user was getting into bed when they heard a crinkling sound and pulled back the sheets to investigate.

There, written on a piece of paper taken from a Courtyard Marriott pad was a note.

"If you're reading this then house keeping did not change your sheets!" it read.

Since originally being posted five days ago the image has gone viral and has over 500 comments shared.

"This is how reddit changes the world," wrote thisf**kingamerican. "If everyone did this note leaving with a date stamp and a penis drawn on it between sheets of hotel beds, we could like, have clean sheets and s**t. Or free rooms?"

This being reddit, the story quickly snowballed, with many users sharing hotel horror stories of their own.


Even if you're not religious, defecating in a bible is not okay. Source: Reddit.

"A few years ago I and a coworker stayed in a room for a month during some out-of-state training. At the end of the month we are packing everything up and take the sheets off of the beds just to be sure we aren't missing anything. A partial denture with four false teeth falls out of his sheets," wrote user John Barleycorn. Adding, "He wasn't missing any teeth."

Another user, Icemanberzerk, shared that "Once on a school trip some people in my group found anal beads underneath the bed. The person that found them didn't know what they were so they picked them up to show everyone."

Many people from the service industry also commented on the post, sharing tales from inside the laundry room and staff behaviours.

If only there were a way to get marks off sheets... Source: Reddit.

"When I was a housekeeping manager I would go into the vacant rooms before our maids got there and would make a small mark on the sheets with a washable marker someplace not very visible. Caught and fired a lot of people for that stuff. It's more common than you think, unfortunately" wrote ilikecamelsalot.

It is still unknown if the note was written within the Courtyard Marriott and what the outcome of the note was.

What would you do if you found this note in your bed? Demand a refund, ask to change rooms or simply request room service change the sheets?