A hotel's bizarre 'no sex' sign has everyone scratching their heads, for so many reasons.

It seems like hotel rooms might be getting more customisable by the minute.

There are the endless options available at a breakfast buffet, or the fact that some come equipped with ‘pillow menus’ for those who want to sleep on the feathers of sweet baby ducklings.

And now, you can even choose to stay in a ‘no sex allowed room’.


Well, at least, that’s what one Reddit user wants you to believe.

User Robonator7of9 uploaded an image to the site of a note left in his hotel room, stating that in the particular room he had booked, there was to be no sexual intercourse.

no sex hotel room sign
"Oh no, looks like we'll just have to get a good night's rest then." Image via Reddit.

"This is a strict NO SEX ROOM," the note read.

"It is imperative that you do not engage in any form of intercourse. Thank you and happy cuddling."

The note doesn't make clear what the repercussions would be if the rules were broken.

Naturally, it turns out the hotel note was one big joke, with the male guest asking the hotel to leave the bizarre note waiting in his room.

no sex hotel room sign hotel request
It's a joke. Classic Internet. Image via Reddit.

When booking the room, he said he made a 'special request' to try to make his female companion feel more comfortable about sharing a room.

"The girl I am with made it clear that we're not having sex so can you put a sign somewhere claiming it's a non sex room like non smoking rooms to make her feel better," he wrote.

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While some claimed the note was "sweet" and that it showed the man was respecting his companion's wishes by making light of the situation, others claimed that these efforts had the entirely opposite effect.

"This would make it very clear to the female that all you are thinking about is not being able to have sex with her," one commenter said.

"As a female, this would actually make me more uncomfortable."

Here's hoping that this woman was in on the joke and appreciated the "effort".