Widowed dad reported for "paedophilia" when checking into a hotel with his daughter.

A UK hotel has been forced to apologise, after staff accused a male guest of being a paedophile when he checked in with his daughter.

Craig Darwell and his 13-year-old, Millie, were on a trip to a Surrey theme park on March 30, when they arrived at a local hotel.

After he checked in, Barwell left the lobby to move his car, only to be confronted by hotel staff upon his return.

“When I got back to reception the guy started asking me to prove I was her dad. He said it was company policy and I had to go onto Facebook to show messages I’ve sent to her,” Darwell told The Sun.

“It was bizarre and really offensive. Then he told me that he’d already called police so I had to wait for them to arrive.”

hotel accused father of being paedophile
Craig and his daughter Millie. Image: Facebook.

Attending officers soon realised the mistake, but for the widower - Millie's mother died of leukaemia when she was four years old - the damage had been done.

“I couldn’t believe it," he said. "Millie and I have stayed in lots of places over the years and this has never happened to me before."

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According to The Sun, the hotel issued and apology and said an investigation is underway. It also reportedly stressed that it takes the protection of young and vulnerable people very seriously.

Surrey Police confirmed officers had been called to the hotel on the date in question, and said no further enquiries would take place.