Why smart men are hot (AKA Marry me, Stephen Colbert)


I’d sooner ride off into the sunset with Stephen Colbert than stare into Channing Tatum’s eyes for a night. I’d go Louis Theroux or Jon Ronson over Matthew McConaughey, and every time I see Hamish Macdonald on the telly, my heart skips a beat.

And I don’t care that you know it.

There’s something ridiculously attractive about very smart men. Say what you will about Jon Stewart’s stature or Jimmy Fallon‘s baby-face, it’s their brain and their wit that does it for me.

I know you know what I’m talking about: it’s the Smart Man Crush. You’ve got one too – the famous person you love against all the conventional chiselled jaw/abs standards of attractive we usually go by. The famous person you just know would be adorable doing the dishes and reading you Shakespeare. The famous person who, combined with your genes, would make tiny genius babies with perfect comedic timing.

Here’s a comprehensive list of hot-smart men. Tell us if we’ve missed yours…