Would you want this really ridiculously good looking man as your gynecologist?

Going to the gynecologist is never a task any women looks forward to. Until this guy.

Well, actually, he’s not a doctor yet. Nevertheless we are excited – or at least, the ladies of Chile are.

Manuel Rico – a former model who won Beauty King of Spain 2010 – has made the move from sexy-human-according-to-most-people to almost-gynecologist.

Who wouldn’t want the country’s hottest man (from 2010) looking into their nether regions? Well, not me. Give me a nanna in a cardigan for my pap smear please.

The whole process is awkward enough without adding to the mix how outrageously self-conscious having such a good-looking doctor would make you. I imagine it would turn from necessary task where you feel comfortable to ask your Nanna look-alike doctor, “Am I normal?”; to something resembling a speed date where you’ve exposed too much. Way too much, way too soon.

Would you want this man as your gynecologist?