The new film that exposes the 'truth' about the amateur porn industry.

The film that exposes the amateur porn industry and its ‘girl next door’ victims.

Hot Girls Wanted, the new documentary about the reason young girls enter the amateur porn industry, opens with some sobering facts.

That is, that more people visit porn sites each day than Amazon, Netflix and Facebook combined.

And that children will now see hardcore porn by the time they’re 11.

The film,produced by Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones, follows the stories of four girls aged 18 and 19 as they enter the porn industry in Florida, and the bleak, banal realities of making pornography.

This is the trailer.


Tressa, Rachel, Kelly and Michelle are all cute, bright, sweet and fun. They’re teenage girls who wear hoodies, love candy and squeal over puppies.

They’re all eager for their lives to begin – to get away from the small towns where they were raised by loving parents, whose lives they don’t wish to emulate in any way, shape or form.

All four girls answered ads on Craigslist looking for “hot” teenage girls. They sent pictures of themselves through to Hussie Models and assuming they were ‘hot enough,’ were sent a one-way ticket to Miami.

Tressa, whose porn name is Stella May, was a good student and the captain of her cheerleading squad.

“I wasn’t even born when the internet came out,” she says. “I was actually going to go to Texas State [University] after high school and cheer [lead]. But I chose a different path.”


For Tressa and the other girls, the appeal of Miami was threefold: Money, fame and an escape.


Tressa found an ad seeking “hot girls” on Craigslist and left her home for Miami. Image via Netflix.

Tressa, 19, upped and left her her Texas home, jumping on a plane to Miami without telling her parents. She’d never been on a plane before.


She found the Hussie Models job on Craigslist under “TV and Radio Jobs” and only realised what she’d signed up for when she was on the plane.

Tressa’s mother thought her daughter would pursue photography or be a journalist.

“You’re not afraid of getting sick, baby? How do you protect yourself?” Tressa’s mother asks her when her daughter comes home for a visit.

Tressa tells her mother she’s not on birth control. Tears are coming out of her eyes as she assures her mum that men don’t ejaculate inside of her. “They always do it on you, instead of in you.”

Tressa featuring in a porn film. Image via Netflix.

The man behind Hussie Models is 23-year-old Riley. He’s there to meet each of the girls when they land at Miami airport. He describes himself as a ‘talent agent.’

Riley used to get bullied in school, but these days he says “I’m the shit, basically.”

Riley with two of his new charges, Rachel and Tressa. Image via Netflix.

Riley is living in Miami Beach in a five-bedroom house. He ferries the girls around to porn shoots and they stay in his house, sharing rooms.

The porn industry is thriving in Florida, because other states – such as California where the majority of porn was previously filmed – required men to wear condoms in porn. Riley says porn consumers prefer to watch unprotected sex.

Riley only works with brand-new girls who have never worked in the porn industry.

He calls them “teeny boppers”.

According to Riley, newcomers to Miami will be booked for up to five “scenes” a week, getting paid about $900 for five hours of work. After a month or two, though, the bookings dry up.

“Shelf-life of a girl? A girl’s got a year tops in the industry – best case scenario,” a male porn actor says. Worst-case scenario? A month.

“I’ll shoot with a girl a couple of time and be done with her. Some of them go home and I never see them again. Their families find out – it is what it is,” he says.

The girls pose for Hussie Models. Image via Netflix.

Riley understands his girls won’t be around forever, but he’s not concerned about his business.

“Every day, a new girl turns 18. And every day, there’s a new girl who wants to do porn. I will never run out,” says Riley.

“It takes about a month for their parents to find out.”

People from the girls’ hometowns see it, he says, because “everyone watches porn”.

All four of the girls the film follows think they’re going to make it big by performing amateur porn. One hopes that rapper Drake notices her from her work and they end up married with babies. Another wants to make big money, and never wants to marry or have kids like her parents.


The girls are offered more cash than they’ve ever seen before and many can’t resist. Image via Netflix.

In the harsh light shone on in, the porn industry becomes less a dark, exotic evil than a common, bleakly banal one.

It makes you feel despairing – for generations witnessing porn earlier and earlier, for boys who see girls as sex objects – and the girls who see themselves in the same way.

Hot Girls Wanted is an unflinching look at a exploitative industry and the effects of porn on both the performer and the viewer.

It’s available to stream on Netflix now.