Bec Judd and Midwife Cath share the essential items every expectant mum needs in her hospital bag.

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Hello expecting mums and dads. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re nervously approaching baby D-Day.

Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag is a dilemma faced by many first-time parents.

Midwife Cath joined our pregnancy podcast hosts Rebecca Judd and Monique Bowley to figure out what to pack and what to leave at home.

Listen to Cath, Bec and Monz chat all things birth bag. Article continues after podcast.

Everything you need to bring for the birth:

1 . Medicare card, health insurance details and relevant medical documents.

2 . A pair of loose pants (preferably black) and large tops.

Midwife Cath said mums should bring black clothing to avoid stains and spillage.

“The fantasy is you’re walking around in a long, white flowing gown. But the long white flowing gown has this big patch of red on the back. Not pretty,” she said.

“I’d go everything black. Waist down, everything black.”

3. Pads, breast pads and more pads.

Cath recommended bringing multiple packets of maternity pads as new mums go through them quickly.

“You actually need to put a pad up the front and a pad up the back,” she said.

Ideally choose a pair a few sizes too big. (Source: Studio Canal.)

4. Granny. Panties.

Nine presenter Bec Judd recommends mums bring loose, high-waisted underwear in order to avoid placing pressure on tender areas.

"Undies, make sure you go the granny pair because you've got to fit an enormous pad in there. Plus if you've got a Cesarean section wound, normal knickers, the top hem kind of rests right on where the cut is," she said.

Judd admitted to making this mistake when she gave birth to her twin boys Tom and Darcy.

"I just packed my normal knickers and it was so painful because the top band was digging in to the bleeding wound. So you really need to take the big high-waisted ones," she said.


"And go a couple of sizes bigger because you're swollen."

Breastfeeding tops with flaps such as this are also a great idea. (Source: iStock.)

5. Breastfeeding tops (with buttons or flaps).

Cath and Bec both recommended expectant mums bring in a few breastfeeding tops to ease those first days of feeding.

"These days, you can get some really fabulous breastfeeding tops. They're not that expensive," Cath said.

"Look for anything you can button down easily," Bec added.


6. Multiple maternity bras.

Bec recommended mums pack multiple bras as they are easily dirtied and difficult to clean.

"They get dirty really easily because when your milk is coming in, it leaks everywhere and they get really wet and soggy," she said.

"And go a couple of sizes bigger because you're swollen."

jet airways baby
Midwife says mittens are for kittens (and not newborn babies). (Source: iStock.)

7. Items for the baby: onesies, muslin wraps, nappies and wipes.

Cath recommended that wraps for newborns be large and made out of fine Muslin cloth.


"At least 1.2 by 1.4 metres. I'd take about 10 in because they have a little bit of a vomit, they have a poonami," she said.

Cath warned against buying newborns mittens as she considers them a choking hazard.

"Please don't do mittens because babies instinctively put their hands in their mouth. They've been doing that in utero. It's a developmental thing," she said.

"They'll put their hands in their mouth and they'll close on it, they'll suck on it and it's a choking risk."

Bec also said parents should bring in nappies and wipes in case their hospital doesn't provide them.

8. Extra items to make your stay a little bit more comfortable.

Pillows. Lip balm. Socks. Slippers. Heat packs. Dressing gown (in a dark colour). Hairbands. Phone charger. A pen. Spare plastic bags (for grubby clothes).

Hungry for more great advice? Listen to the entire episode of what to do in month nine below.

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