Staff share the most horrible things their bosses have ever made them do.


Terrible bosses can be as common as pens in the workplace and sometimes, all you can do is grin and bear it.

One retail boss I had during university would tell the girls they needed to lose weight, lest they give customers the “wrong impression”.

Another would alter stock numbers so he could steal products for his friends.

Then I was lucky enough to graduate and move into a new industry, but that kind of mobility isn’t always so easy.


Forbes Magazine even made a list of the seven warning signs you can look for as early as the first interview, to determine if a boss is bad.

The signs were: being distracted, being unprepared, trying to assert dominance, being largely absent, not giving clear answers, asking quiz-like questions and most importantly, giving you a bad feeling. 


A bad boss is hard to shake,but sometimes they can challenge you to work so hard you escape their rule management.

It is no coincidence there are books, films and television shows about employees struggling under mean bosses.

Because unfortunately, the devils of the workplace aren’t just those wearing Prada.