Oh no. A mum's well-intentioned handmade Christmas gifts have turned out very X-rated.


Handmade gifts are a thoughtful (and cost-effective) option for Christmas gifts.

But there is always the risk that they might not er… Turn out as planned.

In a post on Mumsnet, one woman shared that she has been working on a “little hamper of home-made luxuries like truffles, soaps and bath bombs, and scented candles”.

She goes on the say her entire family are big Game of Thrones fans so she’d planned themed candles.

“I thought it would be cool to make white candles with a blood red centre, and then carve it to look like one of the Weirwood trees.

“So I made a lot of red, cinnamon scented wax and poured it into moulds made out of bog roll tubes.”

So far, so good, she said.

Then she set about coating the red wax with the white and that’s where things got a little… risqué.

“Now they look like a load of big pink veiny willies,” she wrote in probably the funniest description of a candle ever.

Oh also, from a brilliant follow up message: “Everything is covered in wax and all I’ve got to show for it is a trio of chodes”.

We need a minute.

will and grace karen laughing

She asked fellow Mumsnet users if they were salvageable or if she should maybe just pretend they're erotic candles that are meant to look like that before gifting them to her mother-in-law.

What a predicament.

Oh. Image via Mumsnet.

Some of the comments were semi-helpful... but most were just, well, hilarious.

One commenter said: "MASSIVE kudos for making presents when you can't afford to buy any, but they look more like misshapen turds than cocks so give to your MIL by all means! X"

"I would not say a word. Then if she says they look like a cock act all innocent and tell her she has a filthy mind," wrote another.

One user suggested a small lie: "Tell her they're authentic, traditional fragrance candles from [insert name of obscure location/island/country] and cost a bomb. Tell her David Attenborough's bathroom is full of them. Job done."

Most helpful suggestions included abandoning the Game of Thrones idea by melting the candles down and putting them into nice jars but the original poster has yet to admit defeat, writing that she's going to try and salvage them.

Good... Luck?