Jess is a professional declutterer. Here are her 5 best hacks for home organisation.

The thought of spring cleaning can be just as overwhelming as actually getting in there and doing it. Everyone knows how good it feels after, but beforehand... not so much.

Jess Beileiter, otherwise known as Clean Organised Mumma on Instagram, has become such a pro at decluttering her own home that she now does it for other people.

Yep, her job is to come in, help you decide what you do and (most importantly) don't need, then come up with organisation solutions to keep your home tidy and functional. Sounds delightful, right?

We asked Jess to share her go-to hacks for home organisation, so you can do exactly what she does for her clients.

1. Start small.

Decluttering a space - whether that's your kitchen, pantry, wardrobe, wherever - can feel like quite the task. So, Jess suggests starting small and slowly chipping away at the area you're attacking.

"Start [with] one drawer or one shelf in an area that is not too overwhelming," she told Mamamia. "Make different piles for things you will keep, rubbish and donations."

Sounds easy enough!

2. Measure your space before purchasing anything.

Say, for example, you're decluttering the linen cupboard and you've gotten rid of all the products you no longer need and now want to organise it. Before you begin, make sure you measure the space.

"I find people just buy different baskets or containers without measuring and then end up with all different baskets that don’t fit the space properly," Jess told us.

"Once you have [your] measurements, have a look online, check the measurements and see how many categories of items you have and then how many baskets or tubs you may need."

"I love doing an online shop from Temple & Webster or a similar site to get it all in one go at an affordable price," she added.


3. Think outside the box.

"I love using items [in ways they wouldn't typically] be used," Jess said, before sharing her favourite kitchen storage hack.

"I love using office file holders to hold baking trays and chopping boards in the kitchen to keep them upright and make it so much easier to take them out of the cupboard," she said.

This works for Tupperware too, she explained. Place the holders in between the lids to file them then stack your containers inside each other.


4. Decant your pantry staples into clear jars.

We've all seen those uber-organised pantries on Instagram - clean, tidy and chaos-free (the dream). To create your own, clear jars and bamboo baskets are essential, according to Jess.

"[Glass jars] make my pantry look really pretty while also being functional," she said. 

"I decant a lot of my regularly used products like pasta, rice and flour into airtight glass containers to keep everything fresh."

The bamboo baskets hold your bigger items that you can't decant: think cans, cooking items and snacks. 


And if you want to go one step further with your pantry organisation, label your glass jars with the product's used by date. 

"I love using small stickers on the back of my pantry containers to write the expiry dates as I’m decanting," Jess said, before offering an alternative.

"You can also use a whiteboard marker. Then you can just wash it off when you need to update."

Simple as that.

5. Utilise free wall space.

Last, but certainly not least: don't forget about wall space and the back of doors. Both are just another opportunity for smart storage.

"I love using inside cupboard doors to hang bags [and] cleaning supplies using command hooks," Jess said. 

"It frees up space inside the cupboard for other items, especially if you are short on space."

These spaces also work as a great spot to file your incoming mail, instead of letting it pile up on the bench. 

"It keeps track of things we need to action and bills that need to be paid," she shared.


What home organisation hacks do you swear by? Share yours in the comments below.

Feature image: Instagram/@cleanorganisedmumma