7 household items that are totally worth the investment.

Thanks to our brand partner, Telstra

Practical spending is a big hobby of mine, almost to my detriment.     

Some people spend too much on clothes or food, but my paycheck heads straight to making my life easier and more functional. 

It's thanks to these purchases though, that I have the authority to share the items I've found are really worth it. 

Of the many money losses I've made, here and there I find a product that I'd buy and recommend over and over again for the sheer value it adds to my life and home. 

So, here are the top seven household items you need, that are going to change your life for the better.

1. Air purifier

As a hay fever-sufferer, the Phillips Purifier Series 3000i has made life immeasurably more comfortable for me. Coming in at $799 (this is for the model that's built for large rooms), it feels indulgent. 

But, I spent years with watery eyes and sneezing my way through the seasons, until I got this.

Put simply, air purifiers collect airborne particles like pollen and dander to get them out of the inside of your home. If airborne allergies are something you deal with too, I can recommend this with my whole heart.

2. A solid internet connection, so it's got to be the Telstra Smart Modem

Telstra Smart Modem will change your life for the better. 

Let me explain.

I live in a share house with two other girls in their twenties, and as you can imagine fast and reliable internet is an absolute must for us. 


Whether we're watching university lectures, working from home or streaming Big Brother on a Sunday night, we're busy women and we certainly don't have a few spare hours to be put on hold with a telco when we lose our internet (and yes, this used to be a very regular occurrence.) 

Not only is the Smart Modem speedy, but it's also super reliable.

The smart little device automatically switches to Australia’s best mobile network if the connection to your house goes down so we can experience consistent connectivity no matter what we’re doing!*

Telstra, thank you so much.  

Back up speeds capped at 25 megabits per second. Actual speeds may vary.

*4G coverage required. Back up speeds capped at 25 megabits per second. Actual speeds may vary.


3. Sound bar

Now, back on creating the optimal Big Brother-viewing experience. 

My flatmate's and I decided to split the cost of a 'smart' sound bar for our living room TV, and it has been game-changer.  

From what I noticed in my research, all brands are fairly comparable in sound quality, particularly if you're not very picky like me, so go with whatever you're used to, or what's cheapest on Facebook Marketplace.

You don't know what you're missing till you've got it. Please take my word on this one.

4. The Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Winter is coming, and that means cozy blanfkets, candles and many, many hot cups of tea and coffee. 

Enter: the Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug.

These nifty little mugs have changed the game for all of your hot drink purposes as you simply set a temperature to keep your beverage at, and forget!


I personally love the Ember Mug2 for when I'm working from home, but you bet there is a travel friendly option if you so prefer.

$170 for a top quality coffee drinking experience? Shut up and take my money.

5. Thermomix

If you're into cooking and haven't got a Thermomix TM6 yet, what have you been doing?

The Thermomix TM6 is an all-in-one cooking device. 


It whisks, caramelises, browns, chops, steams, sautés, blends, boils, kneads, and emulsifies all on it's own, AND it has internet connectivity capabilities to find recipes and create shopping lists. 

It's also $2,269. But think of all that saved time!

6. Japanese kitchen knives

When we're still in the kitchen, the importance of having good, sharp kitchen knives aren't to be underestimated.

My grandparents generously gifted me a 7 Piece Ikasu Knife Block Set when I moved out of home, and I thank them for it every day.

Japanese kitchen knives are particularly lux, as they are delicate and can slice through paper as well as they could fish, or any food for that matter!

Image: Temple and Webster. 


7. A premium mattress

Nowadays, finding a quality mattress doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, although finding the right fit is absolutely worth the investment.

After making my way on the cheapest mattress I could find in Kmart for the first month in my new home, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress. 

The quality of my sleep improved immensely. 

For the first time in weeks I slept all the way through the night uninterrupted.

Other top contenders were the Koala Mattress and Ecosa Mattress, although I ultimately went with the most economical option.

So, go forth and enjoy your very practical home. And let me know in the comments what your best home investment has been! 

*4G coverage required. Back up speeds capped at 25 megabits per second. Actual speeds may vary.

Feature Image: Instagram.

Home WiFi means more to us today than ever before. It helps the kids with their homework, demonstrates cooking tutorials at dinnertime and gives us the freedom to work from home and not miss a beat. But in the world of home WiFi, modems matter.

Telstra's Smart Modem is exactly that - smart. It's not only fast, it's also reliable because it seamlessly switches to Telstra's 4G network if the connection to your house ever goes down. Experience better home Wi-Fi with the Telstra Smart Modem.