Hollywood plastic surgery trend: The Pillow Face


Ahhhh. Now that I’ve read this, I understand why so many female celebs are starting to look disconcertingly similar. They’ve gone bonkers for fillers. Hello Linda Evans, former Dynasty star (right).

A UK newspaper reports:

There’s a hot new trend in celebrity faces. Forget the old stretched
look of the too-tight facelift or the glassy skin and winged eyebrows
of overdone Botox – they are so last year.

The hottest look, and the one A-listers everywhere are falling for, is what’s being dubbed the pillow face.In their quest for eternal youth, middle-aged celebrities are
suddenly sporting eerily identical puffy, plump, pillowy faces with
prominent chubby cheeks, spookily smooth under-eye areas, and foreheads
that are not just Botox-smooth, but curved and padded, too.

First, it goes from round the eyes………

……then the upper cheeks,
cheekbones, sides of the mouth, nose-to-mouth lines and, finally, the
forehead and sides of the face.

‘The ideal proportion of the female youthful face is an upside
down triangle, narrow chin and wide cheek region, culminating in a
heart-shaped face,’ says Dr Michael Prager, who specialises in
injectable treatments.

‘As we age, this goes into reverse. We lose our cheeks and
gain volume around the jaw and neck. A pretty youthful face has
fullness in the cheeks, like Disney’s Pocahontas. An older plain face
has it in the jaw, like Shrek. Loss of volume occurs as early as our
mid-20s, depending on lifestyle.


‘From 30 onwards,
hollowing of the cheeks can start to be visible, especially in people
who diet or exercise a lot, like celebrities do.’ The effect of this research on the beauty industry was
electric and immediate. A variety of new injectable fillers hit the

The most popular – such as the market leader Restylane,
Voluma, Juvederm, Hydrafill and the French brand Surgiderm – are made
of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in skin.The seductive thing about these treatments is that celebrities can say, with complete honesty, they haven’t had any plastic surgery.

It is also paparazzi-friendly as, a few bruises and some
swelling aside, there is no downtime, telltale scars or bandages. Even
better, half-starved celebs do not have to choose, as Mae West famously
said, between their face and their butt.  With fillers, they
can maintain their fiercely aerobicised skinny bodies well into middle
age, as Madonna has done, while swapping their gaunt face for the plump
features of youth.

Done well, the effect of fillers can be subtle, pretty and
rejuvenating. But the downside is that it takes surprisingly little
extra volume to create the strange face that is so common among female
celebs and, when taken to extremes, appears barely human. The question arises as to why so many celebrities are unaware of how bizarre they look.

Hello Donatella…..I often wonder where the loved ones of these celebrities are. Do they really have no-one in their lives who can say “ENOUGH. STOP IT. YOU LOOK LIKE A CHIPMONK.”

And what must it be like to kiss those puffer-fish lips or nuzzle into an artificial cheek?

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