"I chose to sleep with an 80-year-old man for money." Kendra Wilkinson reveals truth about Playboy Mansion.

You thought the Kendra Wilkinson – Holly Madison feud was over?

How wrong you were.

In case you have missed the main points so far, I’ll quickly catch you up.

Madison, a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion, claimed in a recent interview and a new book that her life inside the house was anything but pretty.

Actually, she said it was terrible.

She also made reference to her past friend, Wilkinson, who she has tried to move away from since leaving the Mansion.

To no one’s surprise, this left Wilkinson angry and so she tweeted lots of mean things that left people pretty unhappy.

Madison then responded by saying she didn’t want to engage in a “demoralising” fight and suggested certain people should get therapy.

holly madison kendra wilkins

Holly Madison (centre), Kendra Wilkinson (left of Madison) with Hugh Hefner. Image via Getty.

Okay – that’s about all you have missed so far.

But, as I said, it’s not over yet.


In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Wilkinson has thrown more shade at Madison, accusing her of lying about it all

"I feel the need to respond because I feel like she thinks that everyone's just believing her, she can just get away with it. Having her side and just getting away with it,” Wilkinson said.

"I have a right to respond in what I believe. I saw her everyday with Hef and what is being told is not what I saw. And, no one's going to come up and stick up for Hef, like I'm doing right now."

“I apologized because I was in a frame of mind where I was just reacting emotionally, and I just blew up,” she then explained in an interview with Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM.  “That’s something that I’m trying to control. I’m trying to, like, be better at doing, and I failed at doing that yesterday. I became 21 again.

"I made the choice to sleep with an 80-year-old man for some money,” she said. “He did everything right for me. I’m going to be his soldier out here. I love him to death and I appreciate everything he’s done for me. He’s done zero harm, in my eyes, to anyone that I’ve ever seen. His intentions were only to make everybody happy.”

Wilkinson was very, very passionate – if not scarily passionate – about sticking up for her boy, Hef.

Her one and only Playboy forever.

Check out Holly's life now. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

"You know, it doesn't mean that I'm stuck in the Playboy life, I'm not...It just means that I choose to remain loyal to that part of my life," she told US Weekly.

"I'm here, talking to you, because of Hef. Like, I am appreciative of that and obviously Holly chose to take the other direction and run away from it and be in denial.”

Wilkinson doesn’t stop there. Oh goodness, no. There’s still plenty more to say, particularly how Madison should really be appreciative of how Hef helped her.

“It's making me mad because a lot of women, so many women - thousands of women - are so appreciative of Hef and they are so happy that Hef game them their chance.

When asked about her tweets to Madison, Wilkinson was not at all remorseful.

"I don't regret it [the tweets] at all. It was a little over the top. You know, my hormones were taking over me at the time.”


Let’s just remember these tweets said, “"She wasn't in fear with that d*ck in her ass for a paycheck."

"That bitch is in fear now knowing so many of us saw her doing some nasty sh*t."

holly madison kendra wilkinson

"Thousands of women - are so appreciative of Hef and they are so happy that Hef game them their chance." Image via Getty.

And, something along the lines of Holly’s only job was to clean up after Hugh and make him hard again.
Before the interview ended, Wilkinson took one last chance to put Holly in her place.

"It just makes me mad that she wants to move on but yet she keeps writing stuff about the mansion, so how do you move on when you keep doing that?

"I'm going to continue to fight for Hef. That's my job, for the rest of my life. I'm going to fight for him because that's how I stand...He's done nothing wrong...She lived at the Playboy Mansion, people, not a church.

We can only hope keeping loyal to Hef will entertain Kendra for her lifetime.

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