We need to talk about the big myth surrounding pregnancy, infertility and holidays.

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When a couple struggles to get pregnant the most common piece of advice is to relax.

“Go on a holiday,” people say.

“It will happen.  You’re just stressed.”

And while it’s a well-meaning suggestion from encouraging friends or family, nothing shits couples more than urban legends of couples who were barren until they hit the beach.

Dr. David Knight is the Medical Director at Demeter Fertility. His whole job is getting people up the duff. And he says the pregnancy vacay solution is BS. Because, alongside all those success stories of happy holiday sperms and eggs, there are a whole lot of failed attempts you never just hear about.

Listen to Dr Knight talk to Bec Judd and Monique Bowley on Mamamia’s pregnancy and birth podcast Hello, Bump:

“Because people have got what they want, they talk about it,” he said. 
“The people who have a break – and don’t get pregnant – don’t tell us about it.”

The old ‘everyone is getting knocked up so why can’t I’ thought still rings true, according to Dr. Knight:

“People think because a whole pile of other people can just have sex and get pregnant that everyone should be able to do that, but that’s just not the reality of the world.” he said.

So, if one is struggling with how to get that sperm into the egg what’s the solution?

He says sometimes, it’s not putting all your ovarian eggs in one basket.

“I’ve spent most of my career really trying to get across to people that happy women make happy eggs.” he said.


There are things going on and you are making efforts to get there [pregnant],  but it’s about getting on with the rest of your life and enjoying the other things you’ve got… and keep going until you get that goal.”

Dr Knight, who is a pioneer of Mild Ovarian Stimulation in Australia and one of Australia’s most experienced fertility specialists, also dropped a few truth bombs about the timing of conception.

“Women can have intercourse five days before ovulation and still conceive. The day that is associated with the highest pregnancy rate is actually having intercourse before ovulation,” he said.

“The bottom line is something most people aren’t aware of – and that is that sperm lasts for five days.”

So yes, ladies. There can be sperm floating around in your reproductive tract for almost a week.

Ovaries (and mind) blown.

Hello Bump is Mamamia’s pregnancy and birth podcast. Hosted by Bec Judd and Monique Bowley, it’s everything to expect – and some things you’re not – when you’re expecting. Listen to the full episode here:

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