Why many mums are secretly cheering about the holiday period being over.


How good is the holiday season? Quality time with loved ones, watching your kids gleefully rip open presents on Christmas Day, ringing in the New Year with friends, seeing family and plenty of beach time (ideally). It’s an awesome time of year and one many of us hang out for.

So much family time. Image via iStock.

But for many mums it's around this time of year, in January or February, when we go back to reality. And, while we are mourning the holiday period, we’re also secretly jumping for joy.


My husband went back to work today, so I’m again alone with my two kids who are 17 months apart. I have to admit, I clung onto him for dear life this morning saying goodbye. I’m going to miss having him around that much, because we had an amazing stay-cation at home over his break. But then I looked at the upsides... and realised there are many reasons I’m secretly happy this holiday period is over.

1. Christmas is just bloody hard work.

From presents to decorations, meal preparations to endless amounts of shopping, not to mention traipsing around the country visiting people, the holiday season is most definitely hard yakka. And let’s face it, mum’s the one doing most of the prep. While some may now be getting ready to send their kids back to school, that’s a breeze after the rigmarole involved in Christmas.

It's a busy time of the year. Image supplied.

2.The house gets back to normal.

I don’t know about your husband, but mine seems to create mess just by walking into a room. From sand and dirt on his feet, to the five outfit changes every day (because one MUST test out every new pair of board shorts), to eating on the couch and endless beer bottle caps, men = MESS! Not the mention the ongoing toddler mess, which seems to be 10 times worse when my husband is around. Time to clean up, clear out and start the New Year fresh. But OH DEAR GOD, those endless loads of washing!

3. Kids get back into a routine.

When I’m on my own with the kids, they get good meals, decent sleep and quality play time. Enter the husband and it’s a free for all! Yes, I’m all for letting loose a bit on holidays, but fish fingers and hash browns do not make for good nutrition when it's the third night in a row. And what happens when you “go with the flow” (to quote my husband) and the kids don’t get put down for naps at the right time? All hell breaks loose and you have a tantrum-throwing toddler and screaming newborn on your hands. LOADS of fun.


Do all the things you used to after the kids go to bed. Post continues after the video...

4. Mum gets a ‘rest’.

Let’s face it, us mums never really get a break. If you do, your time is very limited and usually costs you in one way or another! I had dreams of being able to nap on holidays, or laze on the beach or even read a bit of a book. Alas, two kids means I was on duty ALL the time. And when you add the busyness of the holiday season and all those extra tasks that need to be done, I’m heading back to normal life for a bit of a breather! Hello nap-time down-time, I'm coming for you.

What are you most excited about the holdays being over soon?