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The Little Things That Are Big To You: The Wrap-Up

Mia Freedman. Wendy Squires. Em Rusciano. Jane Kennedy. Kate Hunter. Jamila Rizvi.

Six fantastic women from the Mamamia team. Six fantastic life stories, filled with little moments that are oh-so-emotional to look back on.

This year, in collaboration with the wonderful Holiday Inn, we got these women from the Mamamia team together and asked them to gather some photographs that told stories about the most significant times in their lives.

The result? Five videos that are heartbreaking at times, and laugh-out-loud-hilarious at other times.

We’ve been posting them all up on Mamamia individually over the last few months, but here they all are so you can catch up on them.

– There was the time they discussed holidays that didn’t quite go to plan. Including the time that Kate Hunter visited New Zealand and thought she was going to die in a port-a-loo, and the time Wendy Squires spent some time in India with a celebrity:

– The time that they talked about the overseas holiday memories that are absolutely unforgettable for whatever reasons – and in which everyone essentially just makes fun of Mia for being obsessed with The Secret back in 2003…

– The time that some of the Mamamia team got together to chat all things kids birthday parties… and Em Rusciano threw her daughter a Disney princess party to beat all Disney princess parties. Oh – and if you have any aversion to clowns, maybe don’t watch this one:

– The time when they discussed holiday disasters – and surprise surprise, all the holiday disasters also all featured children. Turns out that holidays with little people can actually be kind of traumatic if they go wrong. Disneyland, camels and orangutans are all mentioned – and at one point, the word “schlong city” is used. Yep.

– There was the video featuring five stories about five very different but very fabulous weddings. With guest appearances from apricot taffeta, conservative parents, an elopement and a DOUBLE WEDDING.

– The video all about love stories. Some romantic, some platonic. Some with great big gestures of love; some more casual, more reserved. All of them beautiful.

– And finally, the video that talks about the most memorable moments. From Em Rusciano’s Stephen Kernahan’s hairstyle to Wendy Squires’ run in with Gough Whitlam.

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