Two mums discover the coolest new kids' clothing range for their tweens.

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It was every mum’s dream to go clothes shopping without the kids, until…it wasn’t.

Mamamia‘s Rikki Waller and Nama Winston were in fashion brand superstar store H&M in the middle of the day, but they weren’t there to shop for themselves. They were selecting items from H&M’s new fashion range on behalf of their kids.

Rikki, mum to seven-year-old Summer, and Nama, mum to 11-year-old Winston, had the task of selecting outfits that they thought their kids would like – without the children being there.

So, it was almost as good as shopping for clothing for themselves – almost.

The plan was then to present the outfits to their kids for their approval…

Here’s how it went.

Nama and Winston, 11

At the ripe old age of 11 years, Winston is a boy becoming a man, aka, he’s a tween. And I love that big man he’s growing up to be. #proudmummy

He’s so big, I can now wear his sneakers after he grows out of them literally eight weeks after I’ve bought them – which is great, because I love value for money – just like every parent.

Winston is a lover of fashion. He likes to look good, and enjoys playing with the way he presents himself to the world. Which is why I selected three very different looks for him when I hit H&M. The range is so varied, it was easy to do.

Discovering that was a huge relief, because one of the ‘problems’ we’ve had recently is finding affordable clothes that Winston likes, and are ‘cool’ enough, without being for small kids, or grown men.


And discovering just how affordable H&M is (all of the pieces were under $45, and some were as low as $10 for a pack of five pairs of socks), was very exciting. Because I’m nothing if not a bargain shopper.

I also like that H&M have got a garment-collecting box in store where I can drop Winston’s clothes he’s grown out of, and they reward you with 15 percent off a single item on your next buy. #winning

Now, let’s see if I won with my clothing choices for my little Derek Zoolander. The first look I put together for him was a cool, New York kind of vibe. And as you can see in the photos, Winston liked to pose in them with the attitude to match.





He said:

Beanie: "Super cool."

Jeans: "I normally hate jeans, but these are really comfortable."

Tee: "I look like a sports star."

Favourite piece: "Definitely the top. It looks like graffiti!"

Look two was a bit more preppy - but the "blue steel" remained.




He said:

Hat: "No way! So cool! I love it!"

Shirt: "I've always wanted a shirt like this."

Favourite piece: The tee. "Can I sleep in this?"

Yes, I let him.

Look three was my favourite look, because Winston seemed so snuggly and comfy in the track suit. (Don't tell him I said that.) But it was also a very American look - and hence his favourite, too.

Again, there were appropriately-matched facials in the photos.


He said:

Cap: "I love it! Thank you!"

Hoodie: "I love anything that says NYC."

Pants: "So comfy."

Favourite piece: the jacket: "This is so cool, mum! You're the best."

Don't I know it.

What I loved about the whole H&M range is that there's no single item above $44 - and that's for the bigger pieces, like jackets. And I also loved that for Winston, wearing the clothes, there was not one whinge that something felt restrictive - which is a big deal for active kids. And fussy boys.

Verdict: 4 thumbs up from us

Rikki and Summer, 7

Spring in our house is very much about cleaning up, clearing out and making way for the fresh, flowy weather that is to come.

My daughter Summer sees this change in season as an opportunity to pack away the old winter woollies and bring in the fun, frivolous fashion that spring has to offer.


She is a super bubbly ball of fun who likes colour and sparkles but also to be comfortable at the same time. She is partial to some denim, dresses and flowy skirts and can rock a hair accessory like no-one I have ever met.

Being given the opportunity to shop H&M’s new kids spring collection for Summer, I was able to find what she would like but also what I would love her to wear.


The new range is amazing, with a lot of cross-seasonal gear including jackets, sparkly skirts and fun tees. And my favourite thing about H&M is that I can dress Summer in reasonably priced, super-high quality gear that doesn’t date and can handle the rough and tumble play that she is often known for engaging in with her friends.



Unpacking my haul with Summer eagerly peering into the bag, I couldn’t wait to get her decked out, mix ‘n’ matching to create different looks that she loves. And as I am all about versatility - I love getting the most of out of a garment - a cute pair of denim overalls was a no-brainer.


They look super sweet, are a soft, stretch denim and can be worn as is, or with one strap hanging and the legs rolled up. And on top of all of that, Summer says that they are so comfortable that she can do cart-wheels in them for days.


As denim on denim is still on trend, I went with a light denim jacket, the back embroidered in gorgeous flowery detail.

Since it can go over anything, it's perfect for wearing from day into night and honestly where else can you get a good quality denim jacket with beautiful detailing for under $50?


I found several tees that I absolutely adored (a bargain at $12.95 each!) and as Summer loves standing out from the crowd, I teamed it all up with glittery boots and tall socks – she finds her shoes don’t rub with high socks, and she loves the fun prints.


The metallic pink skirt I quietly snuck through the register, looks oh so cute with the jacket and shoes too, but ssssshhhh.


Not forgetting that little girls love accessorising, a cute headband with velvet leopard-print ears was a winner for only $7.99, along with a fringed white handbag…and a sparkly pink one – I couldn’t choose!

Let’s be honest, she absolutely rocked everything I picked up. Success!

Verdict: a sparkly 10/10

Check out H&M's new kids' spring range out now.

How do your children express themselves using fashion?

This post was brought to you with thanks to H&M Australia.



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