Ready your wallets, H&M's beauty range is finally coming to Australia.

Us Aussies are a patient lot. We spent years waiting for H&M clothing to reach our shores. Then when it did, we had to watch the rest of the world delight over the brand’s newly launched beauty collection.

Well people, ready your wallets; that highly-coveted range is finally coming down under.

Sort of.

While an exact date has yet to be set, the brand has confirmed it will hit all Aussie stores this year.

“We are very excited to launch H&M Beauty. It’s an opportunity to be inventive, creative and to have fun with colour that inspires us,” says Sara Wallander, concept designer, H&M Beauty.

But it’s not just lipsticks and eyeshadow – the 700 product range covers everything from makeup and haircare to body products and ‘beauty styling’. Yes, we’ve already mentally added pretty much everything to our shopping cart.

Watch: Until then, why not give Witchery’s beauty collection a go? (Post continues after video.)


Like its clothing, H&M Beauty will be very fashion-focused, with collections inspired by seasonal trends and colours. As well as its premium beauty line, the brand’s conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products will also be available.

The collection was first launched in the US late last year with prices starting at around $4.

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While the wait has been agonising, it's given us a chance to read plenty of reviews and see which products beauty lovers everywhere else have been loving.

The standouts? The cream blushes, highly pigmented eyeshadows and Get It Straight smoothing balm. (Post continues after gallery.)

Just as H&M provides for a fashion quick-fix, you can bet beauty lovers will soon get the same treatment.

With strong in-store beauty collections already available from the likes of Sportsgirl, Topshop and Witchery, we're looking forward to testing this one out.

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Are you excited for the beauty collection to hit stores?