NSFW: If you thought the Miranda GQ shots were hot, these are better.


Bow down to the Bondi Hipsters, everyone. They’ve just given the internet a magnificent gift: The perfect response to Miranda Kerr’s hyper-sexual GQ photo shoot.

The Bondi Hipsters are just two Aussie guys with giant eco-hipster beards, YouTube channel, and a fashion label. They’ve just released their own, hairier version of the now infamous, very naked QG shoot with Miranda Kerr. One half of their duo, Dom replicates all of Miranda Kerr‘s sexy poses. It’s a little bit heaven.

Some of the photos even include saucy, titillating quotes about his sex life — a satirical take-down of the GQ interview, in which she famously hinted at experimentation in the bedroom.

CLICK THROUGH THE WHOLE HILARIOUS GALLERY HERE (and follow Bondi Hipsters on Facebook):



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