Why Hillary Clinton wore purple for her concession speech.

Mouths dropped in shock around the world yesterday.

After months of campaigning, the reality many of us never imagined could happen came true. Donald Trump is the new President elect of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton gave the graceful and passionate concession speech you’d expect, but there was something else that delivered a powerful message – her pantsuit.

Hillary Clinton concedes

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Make no mistake, the decision to wear a suit with purple embellishment was no accident.


Her Ralph Lauren Collection suit featured purple lapels, with a matching purple top worn underneath, and the internet is bursting with explanations about the colour choice.

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1. Red + Blue = purple.

Many people thought it was a sign from Clinton that political loyalties aside, it was time to come and work together, as purple is the colour created from mixing Democratic blue with Republican Red.

Vanity Fair's Kenzie Bryant pointed out swing states - which ended up deciding this election - are referred to as 'purple states' during the election for this very reason.

2. It represents respect and support for women.

The colour used for International Women's Day? Yep, the very same purple.

Add to the fact that her husband Bill Clinton wore a matching purple tie, her running mate Tim Kaine's wife wore an eggplant-coloured vest and even another member of her team was dressed in a plum sweater and you have a convincing explanation - and strong message.

3. It's a symbol of power.

Traditionally, purple is a colour associated with nobility as it was only the wealthy who could afford the dye to wear it.

"Because of its rarity, it became a symbol of nobility, wealth and power. It is associated with magic, the supernatural and spirituality," wrote Vogue's Nicole Phelps.

The other interesting meaning? It's also considered a colour of mourning, with violet and purple considered in many cultures to be a suitable middle stage between wearing black and returning to ordinary colours.


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4. It's a nod to the suffragette movement.

In addition to the official colour white, purple is the other major colour featured in the flag of the US suffrage movement.

5. It has anti-bullying associations.

The rich shade is also the colour adopted by the LGBT communities for the anti-bullying movement. (Post continues after gallery.)

We're still with her.

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