Hillary Clinton's facial expression during today's presidential debate was one every woman knows.

By the 26 minute mark of the first US presidential debate, Donald Trump had interrupted his political rival Hillary Clinton 25 times.

That’s almost one “Well, actually”-esque verbal intrusion every 60 seconds.

By the end of the 90 minute debate, he’d stopped her 51 times. By comparison, Clinton made a mere 17 interjections. (That’s according to Vox, who were counting.)

One might argue Clinton was following the Napoleonic wisdom of never interrupting an opponent in the midst of making a mistake — which, let’s face it, when your opponent is Donald Trump is a fairly solid tactic.

But, geez she’s patient. It’s almost as though after a lifetime of having men talk over and explain things to her she’s learned exactly how to handle it.

Like this:

By letting your eyes glaze over and mentally checking out while the mansplain washes over you.

Remember that time you graduated from Yale Law School?

Remember that time you were Secretary of State for four years?

Of course you do. But you wait patiently. Stoic. Implacable. Unperturbed. Silent.

And all the while, a man tells you you've got no "stamina".


It's a face every woman who's ever been stuck in a meeting room full of men knows too well.

It's a face every woman who's ever had to sit through question time with Malcolm Turnbull has mastered.

The one you make when your male boss talks about how hard it is to "babysit" his own kids.

Or when your date tries to explain soviet history to you.

Or when your father-in-law tells you the ins and outs of filing your tax return while you scream internally.

Or when a drunk dude at the pub interrupts your chicken parmigiana to tell you the rules of AFL.

Or your husband tells you which way to turn the wheel as you're reverse parking and you become so incensed you almost crash the car.

You get it.

But you put up with it. We all do.

Partly because there's no escape, but mostly because you know eventually he'll run out of ways to condescend to you.

And then...