Hillary Clinton plans to fill half her cabinet with women.

The New York Times has reported that, if elected, Hillary Clinton will fill half of her cabinet with women.

Supported by interviews with the Democratic presidential nominee’s close advisors and friends, the report says that during the first 100 days of her presidency she intends to appeal to powerful women such as Sheryl Sandberg to shake up the structure of the United States cabinet.

Planning to be a role model for gender equality, Clinton wants to get tough on the issue from the outset.

In the past, only a third of the cabinet has been represented by women, a far cry from the equal representation she wishes to achieve.

It’s also been reported she might go after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as the first openly-gay cabinet secretary.

Watch Hillary Clinton discuss feminism with Lena Dunham. (Post continues after video.)

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Furthermore, instead of the traditionally masculine shmoozing choices of past Presidents — which include discussing issues over golf or basketball — Clinton intends to bring back the old tradition of negotiation over booze.

From The Times: “Mrs. Clinton’s ability to use alcohol as a political lubricant came up repeatedly when allies and advisers were asked how she might work with Republicans.”

Get it, Hills.

Neera Tanden, a former top domestic policy adviser to Mrs. Clinton, told The Times that with Clinton in power, there’s going to be plenty more to celebrate. “She also loves socialising, loves having people and spouses over, and really loves talking over drinks,” Tanden said.

Clinton wants to be a role model for gender equality. (Original image: Getty)

“She likes to cajole, she likes to make deals, and she likes to make friends,” Richard Socarides, a former policy adviser to Bill Clinton and a longtime supporter of Mrs. Clinton, explained.

“And she knows it’s much harder to go after someone who you basically like, who you’ve had a drink with.”

Sounds like her presidency is going to be one massive equally-represented party.

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