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The note a servo owner left for customers to stop "gross" hot weather behaviour.

An Australian service station has had it up to HERE with customers handing over sweaty notes and coins they’ve been keeping in nooks and crannies around their bodies.

The Kempsey service station posted a sign on its door to advise customers they will “no longer be accepting ‘boob, jock or sock’ money” due to the continuing heatwave across the state.

“Questionably moist notes and coins will also be declined,” the note continued.

servo sign
This servo really wants you to just buy a wallet. Image via Facebook.

"We apologise for any inconvenience. But actually, it's quite gross."

While we're no strangers to tucking a fiver into our bra when we quickly duck down to the corner store for a carton of milk, we have to admit that anything that can be labelled as "questionably moist" is a definite no-go zone.

A shopper snapped an image of the unexpected sign and posted it to a Facebook group, with most users agreeing that it was "fair enough".

The servo isn't the first Aussie business to refuse cash that is pulled from places other than a customer's wallet.

money in bra
Put your "questionably moist" money away. Image via iStock.

Stores in Western Australia sparked controversy when they put up signs banning money from "bras and underpants".

Fascine Coffee Lounge displayed a sign behind their cash registers that read, "We do not accept $$$$ from bras or underpants".

The cafe's manager, Corey Weeks, told Daily Mail Australia that he put up the sign after a customer "pulled out her bra, reached into it and handed him money".

"I was just sick of people doing it. The problem was mainly with bras, but I had to put underwear on the sign as well just to make sure we were covering everyone," he said.

"We're dealing with food here all the time, so it's a definite safety thing. Obviously money is really dirty anyway, but this was taking it a bit far."

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