Ruby Rose has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Owns it.

Accidental wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us. From bad lighting to just unfortunate timing, for most of us it’s nothing more than a momentary embarrassment. Celebrities? Not so much.

Orange is the New Black star and DJ Ruby Rose is the latest victim to join the clothes-that-look-like-vaginas club. Mid DJ set, a fan snapped Rose in an interesting position.

Yes, thanks to some unfortunate puckering of her silk shorts, Rose pointed out that it looked like she had a “second vagina” located on her bum.

Rather than hide in a cone of embarassment, Rose owned it. The obvious course of action? Make it into a collage and share it with her casual 7.3 million followers. Duh.


“Because if you can’t make fun of yourself (and watch other people take credit for it) then what’s the point of living haha,” she wrote. (Watch: Mamamia staff wear the infamous ‘penis jacket’. Post continues after video.)

While most of us were in stitches at the backwards camel toe, others couldn’t get over another part of the photo, leaving comments (now deleted) on Rose’s ‘lack of ass’. Unsurprisingly, the model wasn’t going to let those go unacknowledged and owned it. Again.

“To people saying I have no ass… You’re right… you think I don’t know? I basically sit on my lower back. I’ve never had an ass or boobs… So shoot me… Preferably in the ass that I don’t have,” she added to her caption. (Post continues after gallery.)

She’s now the poster-woman for those without bums everywhere.

“The fact that you accept that you don’t have an ass, and you’re STILL awesome – That makes me feel a lot less alone out here, assless. Super proud to have no butt right now,” wrote jennakingmusic.

Bottom line? A little camel toe never hurt anyone.

Image: Getty.

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