Hilarious: People read aloud the last text they got from their ex.

It’s awkward. It’s painful. It’s the last text message you got from your ex.

Youtubers Eva and Mel have taken post-breakup awkwardness to a whole new level with their new video #FamousLastTexts, where people read aloud the last text message they got from their ex.

Get your cringe face ready. None of them are pretty.

1. The super-casual-what’s-going-on text. 

Allie, babe, I admire your persistence. I really do.

Unfortunately, it’s been scientifically proven that the number of Ys you add to the end of normal words is directly proportional to your desperation.


2. The “I’m kind of a big deal now” text. 

It’s a tough call, because now she has to weight up his huge wealth against his extreme douchebaggery.

Choose wisely, my friend.

3. The “I literally could not think of any other excuse to make you go away” text. 

Wait, you weren’t coming over just for the chili?

Too bad, bro. Too bad.

4. The “I’m-still-technically-married” text. 

Pfft. Kate. So hung up on technicalities.

5. The breakup-with-bonus-belt text.  

Who said the end of a relationship always leaves you empty and alone? FREE BELT, AMIRITE?

Ryan Tinder, you’re a generous dude.

6. The tackling-the-big-issues text. 

I’m not sure if he gave her a build-a-bear as a present and she doesn’t like it anymore, or if she’s posing a elaborate metaphor about the impossibility of ever moving on completely after a relationship.

Either way, I’m afraid the answer is a tragic no. You cannot return a build-a-bear.

7. The hilarious-joke-to-break-the-ice text. 

Sometimes all it takes to convince someone to jump back on the ol’ bandwagon is one hilarious joke.

Please note: This is not that joke.

Just check out this guys’s face. It’s the ‘I feel like you think you’re making a pun, but you aren’t. You are the lowest form of life’ face.

8. The ultimate rejection text. 


 Watch the full video here: 

What was the last text you got from your ex?