Man gets positive reaction to engagement. Decides to get engaged again. And again, and again.

There’s only one thing that can trump a pregnancy announcement or that first wedding pic when it comes to likes on Facebook: an engagement photo.

It’s something Zach and his girlfriend Somaly discovered when they shared their happy news online.

The couple, from Georgia, shared a snap online telling the world they had “finally made it official”.

engagement 1
HOORAY. Via Imgur.

Their post was such a hit with Zach's Facebook friends - scoring 342 likes and 70 comments - that he decided to do it again.

And no, we don't mean he decided to post another shot of his soon-to-be-bride Somaly.

He decided to get engaged a different person.

engagement 2
That's cool...I guess...via Imgur.

Zach said the "overwhelming support" from his first engagement inspired him to get engaged for a second time.

"Thank you everyone for all your encouragement."

But Zach wasn't done there. Oh no.

He went on to get engaged not once, not twice, but THREE times more.

engagement 3
engagement 4
engagement 5

When Zach uploaded the images to social sharing site Imgur, many commented that Zach hadn't sprung for a new ring each time.

Others were disappointed that there weren't more animals involved in the elaborate proposals.

(We don't really understand, but what we do know is that puppies make every situation infinitely better.)

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Others were so caught up in the epic love story they failed to even realise Zach was with a different person each time.

Regardless of how or why, let's all spare a thought for Somaly, the ORIGINAL fiancé, who is well and truly over it by engagement number five:

angry fiance
We're totally with you, girl.

We wish Zach and um, all of his friends, a happy wedding day.

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