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Attention cat people: This low-budget "kitty kommercial" is purr-fection.

Do you like cats? Or just cute, furry animals filmed hilariously in a low-budget commercial for a no-kill animal shelter?

Then this “Kitty Kommercial” created by the team at Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters is sure to brighten your day.

In the video, Paul Preston attempts to sell rescue cats in the same way you would sell a used car. Or a terrible carpet rug.

“Do potted plants not excite you like they used to? Then come on down to Furkids Furry Animal Emporium…we’ve got everything you could possibly want in a furry life companion!” he says.

There’s a cat for every possible taste: Furkids has “the blackest cats you’ve ever seen”, “sleepy kitties” and cats that don’t have tails in case, you know, you’re just not that into them.

What more could you possibly want? Oh, you would prefer a cat that can do tricks?

BOOM, they’ve got plenty of those too:


The shelter also stresses that all of the cats are "self-cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning" and some are even hail from "exotic places".

There's even a cat that can help you get started on your 2017 fitness resolution.

Your work out buddy, sorted.

Oh and they also have's that.

It's not surprising this ad has reached nearly two million people in two weeks, huh?

The commercial is one of the purest, most happy things we have ever seen and if it doesn't make you smile, then we suggest you watch it again.

And again and again.