"I am most likely experiencing a miscarriage." Hilaria Baldwin's candid Instagram post.


This article deals with an account of miscarriage that could be triggering for some readers.

Hilaria Baldwin has shared that she is “most likely experiencing a miscarriage”.

The 35-year-old, who is married to actor Alec Baldwin, shared the news with her followers in an Instagram post of her posing in front of a mirror.

“I always promised myself that if I were to get pregnant again, I would share the news with you guys pretty early, even if that means suffering a public loss,” she wrote.


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Baldwin went on to say that she had always been open and honest with her followers about her family, pregnancies and fitness and wanted to be open about this too, even though it was not “positive” and “shiny”.


She said she was sharing her experience to normalise miscarriage and remove the stigma from it.

“I have no shame or embarrassment with this experience,” she wrote.

“There is so much secrecy during the first trimester. This works for some, but I personally find it to be exhausting.

“I’m nauseous, tired, my body is changing. And I have to pretend that everything is just fine – and it truly isn’t.”

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin married in 2012 and have four children together: daughter Carmen, five, and sons Rafael, three, Leonardo, two, and Romeo, 10 months.

On Instagram, Hilaria shared that the chance of her fifth pregnancy being viable is “very, very small”.

She said she was blessed with a strong support system, including her husband and four “very healthy babies” that were helping her keep it together.

She asked that her followers be kind in their comments as she was feeling fragile and in need of support – but that she felt up to sharing in order to raise awareness about miscarriage.

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