A celebrity mum shares a beautiful breastfeeding selfie.

Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to her second child Rafael, last month. Since then, the newborn has become no stranger to her 115K Instagram followers. But her latest post has her followers celebrating.

The 31-year-old yoga instructor and wife of actor Alec Baldwin has shared a sweet photo of her breastfeeding the couple’s newborn son.

Captioned “Rafa’s favourite spot,” the mother of two celebrated National Breastfeeding Week and extended her support to breastfeeding mums while encouraging the normalisation of breastfeeding.

Hilaria Baldwin posted this photo of her breastfeeding son Rafael. (Image via Instagram)

She said in the photo’s caption, “there is no one right way to feed our babies.” Her message is totally inclusive and clearly seeks to end the shame that exists on both sides of the ‘feeding’ spectrum.

Her followers were quick to praise the mother-of-two for her attempt to unite all mothers and explain breastfeeding as a choice, not a necessity.

Hilaria's followers praised her breastfeeding message. (Image via Instagram)

Hilaria isn’t the only celebrity mum who has taken to social media in an attempt to normalise breastfeeding. Blake Lively, Gwen Stefani and Jaime King have posted breastfeeding snaps of their tots in an attempt defy some seriously uninformed social standards.

But despite the online support behind Hilaria, this mum has had to overcome some hurdles she’s faced from social media trolls while documenting her post-pregnancy journey.

Given the yogi has impressively bounced back (enough to post a lingerie-clad selfie of her body only two days after giving birth) her enviable figure has been met with both criticism and controversy.

Hilario posted this confronting selfie to expel those C-section rumours. (Image via Instagram)

Some followers have blamed her for deflating their self-confidence, being a disservice to women in general and it has prompted speculation that Hilaria had a C-section.

The mum responded in the best way possible to the trolls by posting a string of videos proving just how she bounced back so quickly. In one, she is doing gentle sit-ups with newborn Rafael resting on her chest. In another, she performs push-ups kissing her son between each. Ah, bless.

In an attempt to kill the C-section rumours, Hilaria also posted a frontal shot of her post-baby stomach and in another post she wrote, “We are all just different, and therefore uniquely beautiful…by attacking anyone for being happy and feeling good, we are just creating venomous pain and hurt feelings.”

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