Australia's highest and lowest paying jobs: This is how much your mates are earning.

The highest paid jobs in Australia have been revealed and the mining industry is still booming, even if the boom is officially over.

Global warming be damned, if you wanna take home the big buck-a-roos in this country that’s still where they’re at… Western Australia.

Miners take home an average yearly paycheck of $115, 005, according to a report on advertised wages from SEEK. Sigh.

In second place are consultants and strategists, who rake in an average of $108,471 per year.

The construction industry ain’t a bad place to be either, with an average annual salary of $106,693.

Perhaps a career change is in order. Source: iStock

Likewise, engineers and IT workers are still earning an average of $103,247 and $102,548, respectively.

"[It’s] important to point out that while it is great to see high earning potential across industries that actual growth in advertised salary year to year has remained relatively flat," SEEK spokesperson Sarah Macartney said.

"Employees should look at what other perks or benefits they can weave into their remuneration if salaries are not on the rise. This may be the inclusion of a phone or car in their package, free parking or gym memberships, or increased annual leave," she said.

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It's also worth pointing out that the highest paying jobs are all in industries still dominated by men - funny that.

SEEK also shared the highest paying jobs on its website, with architects, engineers, IT managers and GPs raking in around the $130,000 mark each year.

Meanwhile, the lowest paying jobs all fall into industries still considered the domain of women such as receptionists, retail assistants, and manufacturing workers, who earn around $50,000 less on average.

So, there's that.

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