Explained: The secret messages hidden in The Bachelorette contestants' suits.

By now, we should all know nothing on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette happens by chance.

There’s none of that “fate” or “love at first sight” stuff. Just clever television executives who enjoy twisting the crap out of our lonely hearts, which for some reason we all love.

Last night’s Bachelorette premier was no exception to this rule, with the evil talented producers sending us viewers some sneaky messages hidden in the contestants’ suits.

Just like any good work of fiction, a lot of thought goes into how The Bachelorette‘s suitors are perceived by the audience. For The Bachelorette, the details of each man’s outfit pretty much tells us how the whole thing is going to pan out.

Once you see it, it’s so darn obvious.


The "quirky" guys? ALWAYS in weird suits with bright colours or uncomfortable textures because colour and prints = LOUD NOISES.

The downright creepy ones? They're dressed in mismatched, odd European outfits that to some, could look fashionable but to a trained eye, indicate an inherent weirdness to be stayed well away from.

As for the 'middle of the pack' guys no one finds offensive, nor remembers? You'll see them dressed well with matching shoes and accessories, but they'll always lack that 'wow factor' or statement feature. In other words - BORING. Poor blokes.

The front runners, the ones you'll be rooting for? With one statement accessory, like a pop of colour or print in a bow tie or a fancy jacket, they're always dressed to look handsome AF but in a 'I'm better than everyone else here' way that somehow doesn't come across as arrogant.


Check out what each suit REALLY means in the gallery below...


Meanwhile, our villains are dressed in a "scandalous" colour like red or black, or both.

And the ones going home on the first night? They're either wearing something completely out of fashion (white suit anyone?), or so bland we can't even remember it.

Really, it's just simple colour psychology.

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