Little Ethan thinks his hiccup-singing is a 'talent'.


Ethan Hall and his mum were on The Project tonight, discussing the moment that made the seven-year-old a viral sensation.

After hiccuping his was through the national anthem on the weekend, we’re pleased to report Ethan is far from phased. “I love being famous,” he told Carrie Bickmore.

Bickmore asked Ethan what went through his mind before he started singing, his response?


“Uh-oh.” ‘

But like a champion, Ethan soldiered on. And tonight, Waleed Aly gave the seven-year-old a second shot at serenading a (much bigger) national television audience.

Does he know the second verse?

“I sort of do…”


Don’t worry Ethan, that goes for most of the country too.

Mamamia previously wrote…

We’ve all been there buddy.

When seven-year-old Ethan Hall was asked to sing Advance Australia Fair at the Baseball in Adelaide yesterday, little did he know that he would become an overnight internet sensation.

As the music began to play and little Ethan opened his lungs and started singing, his body was overcome with uncontrollable hiccups.

That didn’t stop Ethan from performing like a true professional, he didn’t miss a beat.

Although this bodily disfunction didn’t seem to bother Ethan, many of the players and umpires couldn’t help but hold back giggles.

It’s safe to say Ethan was pretty proud of himself as he ran around high-fiving those around him after he had handed the microphone back.

Good job, Ethan. We love your work.