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The website which tells you "he's just not that into you"

Meet Mason: They call him the ‘Dude Whisperer’ because he is so good at translating what other men are saying.

Welcome to It’s a new website run BY men FOR women. And it’s all about helping you sort out what the hell the bloke you’ve been seeing, the bloke you’d like to be seeing or the bloke you somehow ended up married to, is trying to say.

Readers take screen shots from their phones that show the SMS conversation between them and their prospective partner and then post the messages to the site.

An expert panel of bros: Mason and his friends Ben (“I’m kind of  a douchebag”), Tim (“I’m the nice-guy”) and Chris (“I have a good perspective on love”) are available to answer the questions of angst-ridden, stressed-out women around the globe.

According to their ‘About’ page:

Every Sunday morning, we would sit around with our girlfriends, going over the night before, regretting any less-than-sober texts (and maybe the diner cheese fries). We would wait for the guy to text, or, determined not to play “the game”, send the first text.

So we set out to create a place where you could finally find some answers, advice and usually, a game plan– all from people that are totally unbiased. Basically, the kind of community that tells it like it is.

And if ‘the bros’ don’t have a solution, if they can’t interpret the particularly unusual abbreviations or phrasing or use of emoticons of the bloke you’re seeing – well, then you can ask other female readers on the site to give their own advice or simply vote on whether or not the guy is keen, lying or…..just not that into you.

Can you imagine using such a service? What’s the most baffling piece of man-speak have you encountered?