Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week: the bite-sized edition.

Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week.

This week’s edition has a bit of extra venom injected. For those of you that are new to this corner of the site, every week we nominate our hero – someone who did something brilliant, shocker – someone who made our jaws drop, and whinger – someone call the whaaaa-mbulance.

And this week’s winners are:

Hero of the week goes to…

Mama Greste. Great news came this week when jailed Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste was finally released from Egpyt after some 400 days in prison.

We don’t know about you, but that’s far longer than we could go without tim tams/coffee/a hot running shower. The man is a legend.

But, just as worthy of a mention, is his Peter’s mum Lois (that’s her on the left there).

Peter and his parents when he arrived back in Oz.

We have awarded Mama Greste hero this week because, in the face of this terrible ordeal, after having waited so long to learn of her son’s fate and see him as a free man, she did something we can all relate to. She told Peter off for wanting to return to work, telling him, “Don’t put us through this again”.

Read more: Finally, Peter Greste has returned to Australia. And the photos are beautiful.

Mama Greste, we love you.

Shocker of the week goes to…

A few months ago, he dropped the c-bomb in Parliament. But he played it off by telling everyone he was actually calling someone a “grub” (any 5 year old will tell you those words don’t sound anything alike).

Christopher Pyne, who appeared opposite Anthony Albanese on the Today Show this week, was at it again. This time, he spelled out how he really feels.

Read more: Christopher Pyne believes that most women study nursing and teaching. This is not a joke.

For those of you that missed it, this is basically how it went down: The guy who is in charge of education for the whole of our country went on morning television and dropped the c-bomb.

Take a look for yourself…

Whinger of the week goes to…

Jamie Whincup. Because when you hold a snake on live television, you should not expect it to go smoothly.

The V8 super car driver was bitten for three minutes this week whilst holding a snake for a promotional spot at Taronga Zoo.

But worst of all? It turned this into an even bigger PR stunt than it was originally supposed to be. In other words, it quickly escalated from racing car driver vs. tame snake to RACING CAR LEGEND VS. EPIC SNAKE BATTLE.

So first this happened:

Lucky @jamiewhincup doesn't have a snake phobia. #redbullracingau #v8sc

A photo posted by Red Bull Racing Australia (@redbullracingau) on

And then this happened:

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