Here's what Kim Kardashian will name her new baby.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed a son into the world.

Kim took to Twitter to announce the birth of her second baby with West before the Kardashian official website confirmed, “Mother and son are doing well.”

Fans, media outlets and betting sites around the globe have gone into a frenzy of speculation about the kind of crazy name the tiniest Kardashian-West will end up with. After the birth of North in 2013, anything could happen. Place your bets now, because things are about to get krazy.

Kimye at Kris Jenner’s recent 60th bash

‘South’ has been a crowd favourite since Kardashian announced her pregnancy, but according to Queen Kim, the bottom of the compass will not inspire her offspring’s name. “I don’t like South West though, because North will always be better and she has a better direction,” she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Will North’s little brother be called Easton West?

Here’s our top picks for baby Yeezy:

Easton – Betting site Paddy Power is offering odds on Kimye’s baby name as fans continue to speculate over what they will name their first son. Easton is the clear favourite at 5/2 and East is in fourth place at 8/1.

Robert – The name ‘Robert’ is a staple in the Kardashian household. It’s the name of Kim’s late father and her younger brother. However, multiple ‘sources’ have confirmed that it is in fact the little boy’s middle name.

Kanye – We wouldn’t put it past King Yeezy to gift his son his own name.

Wild – We’ve got our fingers crossed for this one. It’s been bantered around since Kimye announced they were expecting a boy, but no one has confirmed whether or not it’s officially on the list. Here’s hoping for #WildWest2k15

Watch Kim discuss the baby’s name with Ellen.

What do you think Kimye will name their newborn son?