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Women share their stories of when a hen's night went way too far.

It’s supposed to be an innocent night out with the girls, a few drinks, and a chance to let your hair down before your big day.

But sometimes the combination of alcohol, drugs, and a YOLO attitude, can lead normal women to do things they’d never even consider in the light of day/when they’re not wearing a pink slash and waving around a pink dildo.

So how do you know when a hen’s night has gone too far?

Last weekend a group of women made the news when they were kicked off a flight to Majorca for wearing offensive t-shirts.

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Don't kill the stripper. Image via Columbia Pictures.

The women were wearing matching t-shirts that read: "Bitches on tour".

According to The Telegraphthe women were asked repeatedly throughout the whole check-in procedure to remove their t-shirts or to cover up the offensive language. After they continually refused, they were kicked off the flight.


In 2014, a hen from Spain was forced to admit that she had sex with the dwarf stripper at her hen's night, after she gave birth to a baby with dwarfism.

But away from the headlines, if you ask the women around you - chances are they've experienced first hand at least one crazy hen's night.

"I was at a hen's party where a bridesmaid vomited all over the nude model who was posing awkwardly for a naked drawing class," one person said.

"I went to one where the bride went missing for several hours and to this day maintains she was in the bathroom (she absolutely wasn't, we checked) and we still have no idea what happened to her."

"I worked with a woman who brought home a guy on her hen's night - to the house she lived in with her fiance. She wondered why he ended it. She was a really loose cannon," another revealed.

"I was at a hen's where the bride cheated with another groom who was out on his buck's night."

"My friend was at a hen's where the mother of the maid of honour started fighting with everyone because she was blind drunk and tried to actually punch other people who were at the hen's. She tried to start a fight with the mother of one of the other a physical fight."

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While Reddit threads are full of hen's nights stories that could inspire the plot of a Judd Apatow movie.

"We were in Vegas. Long story short the bride-to-be got so wasted, left her own hen's night, disappeared, and returned the next day married to some old guy," one person wrote.

"At my own hen's night my mother-in-law got behind the wheel when she was a little too tipsy and rear-ended my maid-of-honor. My maid-of-honor is a cop."

Do you think hen's nights have gone too far?