The workshop helping girls deal with the pressures of social media and mental health.

We all know being a teenager is never easy. It is awkward and uncomfortable no matter what. And with teenage girls now using social media on a daily basis, the pressures that brings cannot be underestimated.

Recognising the need for positive role models and guidance for teens in our modern society, two Aussie youth-focused TV Presenters, Teigan Nash and Liv Phyland decided to take matters into their own hands with the help of Jules’ and Guy Sebastians’ The Sebasistan Foundation

Their workshops, ‘Girls who Glow’ help young girls navigate through their teenage years with social media, mental health, nutrition and much more.

The workshops, for 13-17 year-olds, look to encourage young girls to be confident, healthy and happy in their own skin.

“Girls who Glow is an empowering day for teenagers. We talk about nutrition, exercise, social media, body image, mental health and relationships,” Teigan told Mamamia

“Liv and I act as the facilitators of the day, along with Jules, and we have a number of inspirational guest speakers, experts and psychologists.”

girls who glow
(Image: Supplied) Liv and Teigan with Jules Sebastian.

Girls who Glow started because both Liv and Teigan were receiving an "overwhelming" amount of messages from girls about the issues they were struggling with, including bullying, body image and mental health.

"We thought that if we combine our demographic, our passion and our contacts in both the media and the health industry, we can help these girls to become their healthiest, happiest and best selves," Liv said.

So, what is the goal of the 'Girls who Glow' workshop?

"It's a day where we build teenagers confidence, so ideally when you leave we want you to feel good about yourself.  Practice that self love muscle and learn to be true to yourself," Teigan said.

"The girls will cook, exercise, dance, play, eat delicious food, be inspired by our incredible guest speakers, set goals, make beautiful new friends and walk away with an epic goodie bag, a full heart and tools to be able to deal with the pressures of being a Teen girl in today's society," Liv added.

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For Teigan and Liv, the main takeaway they hope girls will gain from their workshops is the reassurance that they are enough.

"We want girls to know - just be yourself, be confident in your skin and OWN IT!" Teigan said.

"They deserve to feel confident, beautiful, loved and healthy... we want to inspire these girls to live their most vibrant life."

The workshops will be in Gold Coast on Sunday September 17, Melbourne on Monday September 25, and Sydney on Friday September 29.

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