Hello, Adele's insanely hot bodyguard.

PSA: Adele’s bodyguard is extremely attractive.

Adele’s new album 25 recently broke just about every music record under the sun – but the internet is more obsessed with her bodyguard, Peter.

It’s a little early to call, but he’s a clear frontrunner for the title of World’s Hottest Guarder of Bodies.

adele's hot bodyguard
Adele and her bodyguard, Peter. Image via Twitter.

Yes, he has piercing blue eyes. Yes, he can pull off a grey suit. Yes, you just know he’s thinking deep, strong, manly things.

But Peter the bodyguard is not merely decorative. He is also excellent at his job. He will guard your body, and he will guard it well.


Before he was clearing the way for Adele, Peter worked for Lady Gaga – and don’t worry, he took his guarding duties just as seriously.

Do yourself a favour and watch Peter tackling a fan who gets too close. 

Video via StormShadowCrew


As it happens, Peter the hot bodyguard isn’t the only hot bodyguard out there (although some would argue he’s the best).

Kristen Stewart also has a famously hot bodyguard – so hot, there’s a whole Facebook fanpage dedicated to him, the aptly named “Team Hot Bodyguard” community.

Image via Facebook.

Jennifer Lawrence also lucked out in the bodyguard stakes, snagging this guy to hold her puppy for her.

On to-do list: Become famous. Hire hot bodyguard. Buy puppy. Live the dream.

Want more hot bodyguard action? Check out the video below… 

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