Helen Mirren and the first words she'd teach her daughter. (Hint: They're not what you'd think)




1. Helen Mirren: the first words I’d teach my daughter to say would be “fuck off”.

Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t have children but boy do we reckon she’d make a great mother.

She’s told the Mail on Sunday that the first words she’d teach her hypothetical daughter to say would be “fuck off”.

The Dame’s comments were in a direct response to the sexism she endured in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the entertainment industry and the type of abuse British entertainer Jimmy Savile was able to inflict during his time at the BBC network.

The 67-year-old feminist said, “If I’d had children and had a girl, the first words I would have taught her would have been ‘fuck off’ because we weren’t brought up ever to say that to anyone, were we?

“And it’s quite valuable to have the courage and the confidence  to say, ‘No, fuck off, leave me  alone, thank you very much.’”

“You see, I couldn’t help saying ‘Thank you very much’, I just couldn’t help myself.”

You have to love a woman who doesn’t forget her manners when using expletives.

2. He’s Australian royalty and has a daughter named Princess to prove it … Guess who’s just announced some exciting baby news of his own?

3. Lady Gaga like you’ve never seen her.


In promoting her highly anticipated third studio album, ARTPOP, Lady Gaga has posed completely nude in a photo spread in minimal make up for the upcoming issue of V Magazine.


Dutch fashion photographers Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadi posted pics from the cover shoot with Gaga on their Tumblr and Instagram pages with the caption, “Get ready world for our pics of @ladygaga for @vmagazine !kisses iv #artpop.”

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5. Pink reveals: I didn’t want kids.

Image via GQ Australia

Pink has revealed she didn’t want kids after the “rocky” relationship she had with her own mother.


In an interview with GQ Australia the 33-year-old said she was initially “terrified” of children but now thinks her two-year-old toddler, Willow, is the “coolest thing that has ever happened to me”.

“I had moments where I wanted a kid with Carey. You know – you first fall in love, and you’re like, “We should have kids,” and then it went away.

“But he always wanted kids and then we did it, and now it’s like, “Fuck,” this is so rad. It’s more important than anything we’ve done.”

Of her mother she said: “My mother was so happy I had a girl, because she said then I would understand what she went through with me. I’ll have to wait until she’s a teenager.”

Sounds like she may have some karma coming her way….

6. Miley Cyrus sure is going out of her way to alienate people. First she’s confessed her single, “We Can’t Stop”, is about illegal drugs and now she’s tweeted this pic. Click here and prepare to grind your teeth (in a totally non-drug-induced way).

7. Full House fans rejoice.

It’s the news Full House fans (hello? Anyone out there?) have been waiting for: Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos has reunited with his fictional band, Jesse and The Rippers, from the popular 90s sitcom.

Performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Stamos donned a sexy mullet and signature leather vest and sang a medley featuring “Forever” by the Beach Boys, Elvis’ “Little Sister,” the “Hippy Hippy Shake” and the “Full House” theme song.

Tanner patriarch aka Bob Saget was in the audience bopping along and Aunt Becky (Lori Louughlin) even stopped by to deliver a quick pash at the end of the performance.

It’s like 20 years hasn’t even passed.


8. Kelly Osbourne has debuted her engagement ring on Instagram – together with a matching drool-worthy manicure – check it out here.

9. The greatest thing you’ll see today.

This photo of Channing Tatum modelling clothes from P. Diddy’s fashion line is the greatest thing you see all day (royal baby pics notwithstanding).

Warning: you can not unsee this.

You may never look at Channing Tatum the same way again.

Yes, this is real PEOPLE. We’re not even joking, Tatum strutted this long john, sheepskin glorious creation down the runway for Sean John‘s (P. Diddy’s, Diddy’s?) clothing line in 2003.

10. Nicki Minaj twerks in a pool in a monokini. What the…?

For the uninitiated ‘twerking’ is another name for excessive booty shaking, think that tame 90s clip for R&B song “Rump Shaker” on fast forward.

So back to Nicki Minaj, the American Idol judge has uploaded a video to Instagram getting her twerk on in a pool while wearing a cut out monokini.

In the short video – you can watch here – she captioned #TwerkDatAssThusdays the 30-year-old also sits on a motorbike next to the pool revving its engine and shows us a close up of her cleavage in the printed monokini.

As for what this all means, we have no idea – maybe it’s a twerk throwdown challenge to Miley Cyrus?

11. And not sure if you know this but the ROYAL BABY IS HERE, click through for all the details.